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Linoleum Surfaces

What Is Linoleum?

Genuine linoleum, not to be confused with vinyl, is a classic, invented nearly 150 years ago and still completely relevant today. Environmentally preferred linoleum is made from natural, raw materials. Linseed oil, which comes from the flax plant, is the primary ingredient.


(In Latin, linum is the word for linseed and oleum means oil.) Other ingredients include wood or cork powder, resins and ground limestone. Mineral pigments provide the rich colors. The ingredients are mixed together, then rolled out between two cylinders (a process called "calendaring") onto a jute backing. The linoleum is then cured in ovens for 14 to 21 days. Good reasons for specifying linoleum:

  • made from natural raw materials
  • durable
  • withstands heavy loads and wheeled traffic
  • fire-resistant and difficult to ignite
  • resists cigarette burns
  • hygienic
  • cost-effective
  • decorative
  • can be invisible welded
  • permanently antistatic
  • permanently bacteriostatic