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Cork Surfaces

Cork is such a remarkable material that even modern technology has been unable to match or surpass it. A completely natural product, cork is harvested without damaging or chopping down a single tree, making it the ultimate environmentally friendly product.

Cork is made of millions of cork cells - each cell functioning as a miniature sound and thermal insulator, as well as a miniature pressure and shock absorber.

Cork is a material that grows as the bark of the Cork Oak tree. More than half of the world's cork originates in southern Portugal.  The bark of the Cork Oak tree is harvested about every 9 or 10 years, and it is allowed to dry for 1 to 2 years. Next it is boiled to remove any toxins or other harmful agents, and then it is graded and cut. After a final cleaning and drying, the cork is sorted and ready for use. By regaining its shape time and time again, no matter how much it is walked on or how long furniture stands on it, cork always retains its elasticity. These unique qualities make it ideal for use in flooring, as it reduces sound, is warm to the touch and comfortable to walk on.