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Arcylic Infused

Design Hardwood Flooring offers a unique, natural and organic line of acrylic infused products. They are manufactured with a unique infusion process that transforms ordinary and uninspiring composite or agricultural boards to elegant, hard and a very durable surface material.

We infuse acrylic resin into composite boards in order to create a hard and robust product that is suitable for a high wear application. Our product is made from sustainable material so they can contribute to LEED certification when used in green building projects. The warm, exotic and organic appearance of acrylic infused products makes it ideal for a distinctive look.

We offer an array of composite construction; wheat straw, wood chips, and reclaimed sorghum stalks. We also offer an array of colors; cocoa, copper, natural, onyx, bronze, dusk, and midnight.

Acrylic is ideal for furniture, tabletops, countertops, vanities, flooring, wall paneling.

Acrylic Infused