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Woven Vinyl

Design Hardwood Flooring offers a woven vinyl  that is unique in appearance and durability. Its woven texture makes it an exceptional alternative in flooring.

Our woven vinyl is great for high traffic areas and simple to install with easy click locking 12" x 36" tiles.  Our woven vinyl is  anti-bacterial and pollutant-free making it better for the enviroment.  It is compatible with radiant heating systems making it ideal for many areas or locations. It comes with a 20 year residential warranty and a 10 year light commercial warranty, giving you peace of mind.  It comes in an array of contemporary colors.

Arcylic Infused

Design Hardwood Flooring offers a unique, natural and organic line of acrylic infused products. They are manufactured with a unique infusion process that transforms ordinary and uninspiring composite or agricultural boards to elegant, hard and a very durable surface material.

We infuse acrylic resin into composite boards in order to create a hard and robust product that is suitable for a high wear application. Our product is made from sustainable material so they can contribute to LEED certification when used in green building projects. The warm, exotic and organic appearance of acrylic infused products makes it ideal for a distinctive look.

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Accoya Surfaces

Imagine a solid wood that is sourced from fast-growing sustainable forests, has zero toxicity and provides dimensional stability and durability that exceeds even the best tropical hardwood. Such a wood exists, it’s Accoya. Accoya wood combines past and present scientific wood acetylation with a proprietary production process to deliver reliable commercial-scale results. In producing Accoya wood, the chemical structure of the wood is modified from the surface to the core with molecular uniformity through-out, providing outstanding performance.

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Leather Surfaces

Leather defines what a contemporary and beautiful floor can be. Rich, inviting and pleasing to the touch, leather can make a room look sleek, expansive and elegant.  Our stylish leather floors are recycled, chrome-free with a cork backing that improves acoustics and eliminates the need for an underlay.  Our leather comes in either planks or tiles in an array of different colors and patterns.

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Bamboo Surfaces


Although the demand for bamboo is growing rapidly, this hardy, sustainable, and hypo-allergenic material is relatively new to the flooring market. Bamboo is a grass (not a wood), and it’s a very durable one at that because it hardens with age. As bamboo grows, its diameter does not change but the density of the Culm, or shoot, does. The young plant is full of capillaries that carry water up and down its stalk, and over the years, the soft, sugary tissue hardens into a wood rich in durable cellulose.

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Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl floors have been pushed along to make some rapid and continual improvements. The quality of the floors available on the market only 10 years ago don’t compare to the vinyl floors of today.  Our vinyl floors are now available in the ‘natural’ look of wood species, limestone, sandstone, slate and other natural materials. They are also offered in a variety of tiles and diverse color patterns. Our vinyl floors have  also made some upgrades in surface durability and resistance to staining.  The impressive beauty of  vinyl floors, combined with vinyl's unique design qualities, helps explain its increasing popularity.

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Linoleum Surfaces

What Is Linoleum?

Genuine linoleum, not to be confused with vinyl, is a classic, invented nearly 150 years ago and still completely relevant today. Environmentally preferred linoleum is made from natural, raw materials. Linseed oil, which comes from the flax plant, is the primary ingredient.

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Cork Surfaces

Cork is such a remarkable material that even modern technology has been unable to match or surpass it. A completely natural product, cork is harvested without damaging or chopping down a single tree, making it the ultimate environmentally friendly product.

Cork is made of millions of cork cells - each cell functioning as a miniature sound and thermal insulator, as well as a miniature pressure and shock absorber.

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