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Exotic Surfaces

There are many exotic species of wood throughout the world. Trees are exotic based on their physical properties, appearance and availability. Exotic woods often have unique colors and grains. Some have resins that change looks if heated. Some species grow in one place only, while others are located where they are difficult to reach. Exotic woods posses a high quality and a distinct beauty.

No matter what the species of exotic wood; it makes highly desirable flooring products.

Our exotic wood products can be seen in their alluring nature. They have rich array of patterns and unique colors which are very distinct from their domestic counterparts. Exotic woods are also known for their strength, durability and stability. They are also less prone to termites and other small organism that can easily rot woods. We offer exotic wood such as: Cherry, Teak, Rosewood,Tigerwood, Mahogany‚Ķjust to name a few.

Tigerwood Flooring

Mahogany Flooring

Euca Flooring

Cypress Flooring

Teak Flooring