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Thermowood Decking

Imagine a completely innovative and beautiful product that is transformed and strengthened by a carefully measured heating process.  These solid wood floors are both exquisite and tough. This thermal process, practiced by the Vikings to increase the durability and longevity of their ships, renders the wood naturally moisture, mold and mildew resistant.

The beautiful durability of Thermowood adds a natural elegance to any space, both indoors and out, commercial and residential. For outdoors imagine decks, pathways, walls, showers and saunas which never need chemical applications and are naturally moisture, mold, mildew and pest resistant.

Thermowood 2

Choose your surface: either traditional Smooth, or Struktur for a beautifully textured non slip surface which massages the feet. All floors are finished with natural oils and that is all that we recommend for their care. Mix and match the wood species and the surfaces to create an individual look unique to your tastes and design the floor of your dreams.

Thermowood Collection…the next generation of wood for indoors and out. For the ultimate beauty of our private and public spaces. No chemicals needed.

Thermowood Garten

solid wood planks for decks, showers, saunas, walls and pathways. Add Struktur for a non-slip textured surface which massages the feet. Species to choose from are Kiefer, Ash and Larch (Teak upon request). The first solid wood planks for outdoors which are naturally resistant to mold, mildew, rot…even termites. Treated with heat only…never with chemicals.

Thermowood Gartenrolle…for flexibility and mobility in outdoor design, solid wood flooring that comes on a roll and can be moved over and over again! Create moveable pathways and patios over grass, sand or around the swimming pool. Or create a permanent deck with minimal, fast and easy installation. Gartenrolle is also ideal for professional events as temporary outdoor flooring. Simply roll out and it’s done. Gartenrolle is ordered to your specifications, up to 5 feet wide and up to 30 feet long. Roll out. Relax. Enjoy.

That which we lay beneath our feet today should withstand the test of time and the elements to become the beauty that we dance upon tomorrow.