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Thermowood Decking

Imagine a completely innovative and beautiful product that is transformed and strengthened by a carefully measured heating process.  These solid wood floors are both exquisite and tough. This thermal process, practiced by the Vikings to increase the durability and longevity of their ships, renders the wood naturally moisture, mold and mildew resistant.

The beautiful durability of Thermowood adds a natural elegance to any space, both indoors and out, commercial and residential. For outdoors imagine decks, pathways, walls, showers and saunas which never need chemical applications and are naturally moisture, mold, mildew and pest resistant.


Reclaimed Decking

Reclaimed wood has been recycled from many different sources such as old barns and buildings, water tanks, factories and warehouse and train trestles. It is a great source to build a unique deck that possessed superior characteristics that you can’t get with any other wood.  Reclaimed wood has been around for a long time and has been through cycles and changes of weather, humidity and temperatures far longer than new woods. It is stronger, more stable and durable.
Reclaimed wood makes beautiful decks. Don’t expect every board to match perfectly, but the beautiful patina and natural finish these boards provide are one of a kind.


Rolly - Wood

Rolly-wood is a remarkable innovation in solid wood flooring made from Thermowood.  It is the first roll-out sold wood. Think of it as roll out wood flooring.  Solid wood boards adhered to a foam backing. Rolly-wood does not have to be glued down or nailed in place, and can be picked up and relocated just like an area rug. Lay it over concrete floors, tile, wood…even low laying carpeting. Rolly-wood is ideal for residential applications such as decks, walkways and spas, as well as temporary flooring environments such as showrooms, production sets or exhibit floors. Rolly-wood is moisture, mold, mildew resistant and is a completely natural non-toxic product.  Rolly-wood is available in Ash, Beech, Teak and Kiefer.


Moso Bamboo

Moso Bamboo is a sold, high density bamboo board, made from compressed bamboo strips. It is suitable for outdoor applications, especially decking.  A special, patented heat treatment process provides the highest quality of dimensional stability, durability and density, making it very hard and superior to best tropical hardwood species.  The special symmetrical shape offers the possibility to choose between either a ribbed or flat surface.