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Old Growth

Old Growth or Aged Wood is milled from stock of 40 year old boards stored in a farmer's barn or milled from fine grained old logs. Over the decades these trees undergo natural weathering, such as drought, excessive rain, heat waves and cold spells through each passing seasons. When repurposed for hardwood flooring, old-growth wood offers an authentic, exceptionally tight grain only found in virgin timber – a look that cannot be duplicated in new materials. Pound for pound Old Growth is stronger than steel.

Old Growth

What does it mean to be "Fumed" aged Oak?

Our old growth floors are "fumed" aged oak. All oak naturally contains a chemical called tannic acid. Fuming is process in which the aged oak is exposed to ammonia gas in a sealed chamber.  The ammonia reacts with the tannic acid in the wood to enrich the woods natural color. This gives the aged oak a exquisite, harmonious surface and avoids the excessive use of stains when finishing the floors.  Fuming preserves the beautiful, clear, transparent grain of the aged oak, yet it imbues it with homogeneous and unique color.