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Recycling and remilling aged wooden floors allows us to help preserve our beautiful forests, our beautiful Earth. Our reclamied beams are salvaged from century old buildings allowing us to play a role in preserving our beautiful forests.  Reclaimed wood has been taken from long-standing idle buildings and refinished for new purposes. Our reclaimed beams has been rescued from old buildings, barns, piers and other structures. Many of our products come from century-old factories built during the Industrial Revolution using 300 to 400 year old wood and fascinating historical structures in other countries. By reclaiming the wood, Design Hardwood Flooring not only creates beautiful flooring, but we also help preserve historically significant artifacts that would have otherwise been destroyed.

Our reclaimed beams embody an individuality that no new wood can duplicate.  As wood ages, its color deepens and becomes increasingly beautiful. Also, the cellular structure of the wood becomes clear and luminous as air slowly dries the layered cells of the wood, creating a translucence, so that when the wood is finished, light seems to be emanating deep from within.