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American Antique


Recycling and re-milling aged wooden floors allows us to help preserve our beautiful forests. Our American Antique wood is salvaged from century old buildings allowing us to play a role in protecting our environment. . We believe that if a building must be removed from a site, it is better to reclaim the wood and make something new from it, rather than destroying or discarding the wood in a landfill.

American Antique floors have been long appreciated for its beauty, hardness and durability. Our flooring selection is reclaimed from old structures and will contain surface distressing that is a mark of the floors true charm. We retain the fine line cracks and beautifully worn areas that create the subtle surface contour and a deep beautiful patina. We offer “original facing” with no alterations to the wood, which shows it true character.

American Antique

Each one of our American Antique floors is unique, imbued by time with beauty like no other in the world. We offer an array of American Antique floors, such as American Antique Oak, Chestnut, Cherry, Cypress and Heart Pine …just to name a few.

The words “vintage”, “antique”, and “historic” are often used by wood floor companies to describe their products, but more often than not these terms are used to describe new wood that someone has made to look old.  Our floors are authentically vintage, with real personality and a real history that can’t be fabricated by chemicals and workers in a factory on new wood that has been simply made to look antique.